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Author: Vincent Berger
Created: Jan 25, 2018
Owner Website: Sebastiaan Berger

Travelblog OnTheRoads.nl is a platform for travel stories, reports and (an attempt at) profound reflections on the big questions of life.
Rarely clear and thoughtful, occasionally sticky, but always sincere. On The Roads is for everyone who has an insurmountable urge for adventure and freedom.
Travel is a big theme because it seems inextricably linked to this primal hurdle. At the same time, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtraveling today is so ubiquitous that it does not reflect on what travel actually means.
Under the motto 'travel means finding a certain lifestyle that fits your character' On The Roads tries to give a different view.
Pretentious? Perhaps. Quasi-intellectual? Not even even. Inspired? Always. On The Roads follows the endless ways of life and always looks for what lies behind the horizon.
Furthermore, On The Roads provides numerious topic this includes:
Travel Stories
And Many More!

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